Elegant and cutting-edge with Acoustic Cloth »Melee«

Acoustic Cloth »Melee«

The unique speaker fabric for contemporary design 

Enhance the look and sound quality of smart speakers and portable speakers with this grey, bouclé-like speaker cloth and add some extra touch of class to genuine design classics and charming vintage-style furniture.

Outstanding acoustic and visual properties
Acoustic Cloth »Melee« combines excellent acoustic and technical properties and up-to-date fabric design. This sound-transparent and infrared-permeable acoustic fabric is easy to process, contributes to high-quality design, and opens up numerous new design options. It’s the perfect speaker cloth to round off the overall impression of your valuable equipment and furniture.

Numerous applications
Thanks to its exclusive and pure appearance, the specially designed speaker fabric can be combined amazingly well with almost any shape and surface, be it the front of a classic wooden loudspeaker cabinet, a white lowboard, or on a black smart speaker. Acoustic Cloth »Melee« is also ideally suited as a replacement whenever the fabric cover of a portable speaker needs to be replaced. And not least it is an excellent choice as a distinguished and highly attractive cover for any instrument amplifier.

Extra stylish on any wooden surface
Acoustic Cloth »Melee« looks particularly elegant when combined with high-quality fine wood veneer as well as with oiled, waxed, or matt-varnished solid wood, which is the favourite material of many high-end speaker manufacturers. 

Visual update for vintage speakers
Loudspeaker classics from the 1960s and 1970s, think of classics such as the huge W70D cabinets, often still deliver excellent sound but look a bit outdated with their mostly brown and often somewhat worn fronts. Such venerable vintage speakers gain a surprisingly fresh appearance with a Acoustic Cloth »Melee« front cover.

Upcycling of mid-century furniture
This high-quality speaker fabric also opens up completely new possibilities for the use of mid-century style furniture: Why not convert your decorative vintage sideboard into a functional and unique piece of AV furniture with Acoustic Cloth »Melee«.