Refine, Protect, and Upgrade With Acoustic Cloth »plus«

Acoustic Cloth »plus«

The Robust, Water-repellent Add-on Fabric for Demanding Applications

This extraordinary acoustic fabric provides additional protection to your speakers. The specially designed fabric also makes it possible to tone the colour of an underlying speaker cloth to give it an individual touch. This speaker cloth is particularly robust and liquid-repellent – exactly what you’ll need for all applications where maximum sound transparency along with a high degree of ruggedness is required. Think professional applications such as PA speakers, line arrays, and compact PA systems, guitar combos and other instrument amplifiers, for instance. The fabric is also amazingly suitable for the interior design of restaurants, bars, and shops

Virtually unlimited possibilities 

Simply mount Acoustic Cloth »plus« on top of Standard Acoustic Cloth, Acoustic Cloth 2.0, Acoustic Cloth FR, or a fabric from the Metallic Line. Simply combine it with organic fabric colours such as brown hues or colours from our Metallic Line fabrics to create a unique and attractive retro look. Add it to more striking fabric colours such as red or green to achieve particularly extravagant results. It’s all up to you, and the possibilities are almost endless. 

Individual use for attractive visual transparency

Want to make visible what’s inside your valued speaker cabinets without sacrificing the protection a speaker front cover provides? Simply use Acoustic Cloth »plus« as the sole speaker fabric! The coarsely structured mesh of this fabric will let your speakers shine through elegantly. A particularly interesting effect with white and aluminium speaker cones!

Good for the environment

Acoustic Cloth »plus« is made of 80% recycled material, which contributes to the protection of valuable resources. 

Please note that the colours displayed on your screen may differ from the actual colours, as we cannot influence the settings of your screen. To be on the safe side, best order sample swatches before ordering a larger amount of Acoustic Cloth. 

Download the complete colour catalogue as a PDF file.

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