The Next Generation Acoustic Cloth: Liquid-repellent, Stain-resistant, Improved Fire-rating

Acoustic Cloth 2.0 • Water- and oil-repellent, Stain-resistant, B2 fire-rated

Whenever the going gets a bit rougher, professional grade speaker cloth needs to deliver more than excellent acoustic transparency. Stain resistance as well as hydrophobicity are highly desirable features on more than one occasion—just think of outdoor applications, for instance. That’s why we’ve developed Acoustic Cloth 2.0, a truly smart fabric.

Developed to Meet Most Demanding Requirements
Acoustic Cloth 2.0 incorporates the learnings from more than a decade of successful cooperation with speaker cabinet makers, recording studio outfitters, furniture manufacturers, stage builders, and exhibition booth builders. The flame retardant properties of the newly developed fabric help our customers qualify for contract awards.

Smart, Stain-resistant Fabric
Acoustic Cloth 2.0 is hydrophobic (i.e., water-and oil-repellent) and stain-resistant. The speaker cloth is water-, oil-, and dirt-repellent – properties that come in very handy in a large number of applications. 

B2 Fire-rating
Usually, polyester, which is what our sound-transparent fabrics are made of, is highly flammable (B3 fire rating, equivalent to EN 13501-1 class F) – not the ideal choice for use in public buildings, for instance. That's why we use a specially designed polyester fibre for Acoustic Cloth 2.0. Its chemical structure contains a so-called comonomer that makes the fabric inherently flame-retardant to a certain degree. In fact, Acoustic Cloth 2.0 is normally flammable (B2 fire rating, equivalent to EN 13501-1 class D, same as wood). Even better, wear, age, and even frequent washing and ironing will not affect the flame-retardant properties of this smart speaker fabric — a big difference to most other somewhat flame-retardant fabrics, which usually receive a surface treatment after yarning or weaving and must not be washed at all. 

Please note that the colours displayed on your screen may differ from the actual colours, as we cannot influence the settings of your screen. To be on the safe side, best order sample swatches before ordering a larger amount of Acoustic Cloth. 

Download the complete colour catalogue as a PDF file.

Difficulties in ordering exactly the amount you require? Follow these simple steps.



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Acoustic Cloth 2.0 off the Roll • 42 Colours

Acoustic Cloth 2.0. Hydrophobic, stain-resistant acoustic speaker cloth with fire protection class DIN 4102 B2. Roll width 160 cm (63”). Sold by the linear metre. 

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42,00 EUR per linear metre
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