The Acoustic Fabric With Excellent Fire Rating: Certified According to EN ISO 13773-1 and NFP 92503-M1

Acoustic Cloth FR • nonflammable. EN ISO 13773-1 and NFP 92503-M1 certified

Fire protection class M1 and highest acoustic transparency

As you might have guessed, FR means fire-retardant. We put a lot of effort in the development of this special acoustic fabric that combines maximum possible preventive fire protection and the outstanding acoustic properties all our fabrics are renowned for. Acoustic Cloth FR has proven non-combustible according to the demanding NFP 92503 test procedure and was awarded the prestigious M1 classification by the French test institute FCBA. In other words: this speaker fabric even exceeds the requirements of EN ISO 13773.

That’s great news for architects, interior designers, event organisers, shop fitters, stand builders, exhibitors and sound companies. They usually have to comply with technical guidelines that demand even textile materials to be at least EN 13773-compliant. Acoustic Cloth FR is the first and only European-made acoustic fabric that is readily available off the shelf in 42 standard colours throughout Europe and beyond. 

Acoustic Cloth FR enables optimum fire protection in interior design, trade fair, stage, and shop construction as well as in advertising technology and at exhibitions, concerts, and events without compromising on acoustic transparency. Our non-combustible Acoustic Cloth FR is the perfect choice when it comes to covering speakers in public places and to meeting countless decorative requirements in  
• Event locations, nightclubs, and live clubs
• Exhibition halls and on fairgrounds
• Showrooms and shops
• Theatres, operas, and cabarets
• Cinemas and at film festivals
• Hotels, restaurants, cafes, and any other catering business
• Schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions
• Museums and galleries
• Libraries
• Sports stadiums
• Office buildings of all kinds
• Event tents and at festivals
• all other public buildings

Please note that the colours displayed on your screen may differ from the actual colours, as we cannot influence the settings of your screen. To be on the safe side, best order sample swatches before ordering a larger amount of Acoustic Cloth. 

Download the complete colour catalogue as a PDF file.

Difficulties in ordering exactly the amount you require? Follow these simple steps.



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Acoustic Cloth FR, nonflammable. Various Colours. Metre ware, width 160 cm

Acoustic Cloth FR, nonflammable, highly sound-transparent, and elastic. Certified according to the French standard NFP 92-503-5079-M1
and EN 13773-1. Sold by the linear metre, width 160 cm

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42,00 EUR per linear metre
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