PA-Type Acoustic Cloth for Professional Live Sound Applications and Instrument Amps

PA-Type Speaker Fabric • for live sound applications

Made for the Demanding Professional—and for the Road
Our latest development is an extremely robust, yet acoustically highly transparent acoustic fabric. This speaker cloth is specially designed for professional live sound applications, such as PA speakers and compact PA systems.

The time has come to say goodbye to dreary black speaker arrays. PA-Type Acoustic Cloth puts an end to ugly metal grids and shabby, acoustically questionable foam plastic on live sound speakers, sidefills, and monitor wedges.

Turn Your Amp Into True Eye Eandy With PA-Type Acoustic Cloth! 
PA-Type Acoustic Cloth is the perfect acoustic fabric when it comes to refurbishing or simply tarting up instrument amplifiers and guitar amp heads. Why not add a distinctive note to your amps? Choose from 11 attractive colours – from classic vintage designs all the way to bright and shiny cloth.

Please note that the colours displayed on your screen may differ from the actual colours, as we cannot influence the settings of your screen. To be on the safe side, best order sample swatches before ordering a larger amount of Acoustic Cloth. 

Download the complete colour catalogue as a PDF file.

Difficulties in ordering exactly the amount you require? Follow these simple steps.


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