Answers to the Most Common Questions about our Acoustic Cloth

Can I use staples to fasten your speaker cloth?

Yes, of course. You can use any hand tacker or staple gun.


Which adhesive goes well with your speaker grille cloth?

We have found spray adhesive to deliver good results. You can also use a glue gun with a hot melt adhesive. As always when using an adhesive, make sure that the surface is rigid, dry, clean, and free of loose parts.

Can you recommend a non-permanent fastening system?

You can achieve great results with hook fastener tape. The fixation can be corrected and the cloth can be taken off for washing or exchange.


Is it possible to sew your acoustic fabrics?

Yes, of course!

Is your acoustic cloth opaque?

Due to the laws of physics, opacity and acoustic transparency cannot really be united in a fabric. However, our acoustic cloth is relatively opaque with incident light and when mounted on surfaces that are not too different in colour.
This article provides some further information on opacity and sound transparency. 



Can you provide acoustic fabric in other colors as well?

We are able to produce acoustic speaker cloth in any colour of the Pantone® TC/TCX range of colours and in virtually any other colour you may require. More information on our custom-dyed Acoustic Cloth is available here.


Does a remote control work through your speaker fabric?

It works nicely indeed. All our acoustic cloth (even the Metallic Line fabrics) is infrared-permeable.



Can I paint or print on your acoustic cloth?

Basically yes. Printing works fine with a flatbed printer.

However, we do not recommend large-size printing or painting on the material, as the paint or printing colour will partially clog the pores of the fabric and this way impair the acoustic transparency of the speaker fabric.

Please note that printing and painting is virtually impossible on Acoustic Cloth 2.0 due to the hydrophobic (i.e. water- and oil-repellent) properties of the fabric.



Which size are the samples?

The samples are approximately 4” by 6”, which is about postcard size. 



Can I order from a country that is not included in the pulldown menu in the registration / order form?

Of course you can. Several EU countries are not listed because costs for delivery to these countries include factors such as island surcharges or a risk premium that are difficult to assess reliably in a standardised manner. If you want to order from an EU country that's not on the list or from outside the EU, simply get in touch with us using the contact form.

Please note that all offers and deliveries to non-EU countries are generally EXW PIA. This means that we make orders ready for collection at our warehouse immediately after payment while the customer needs to commission a shipping company or express service (DHL, UPS, FedEx-TNT ...) with the collection and transport of the shipment. The only exception are small quantities of less than 1 kg and samples. We can ship these directly for a flat rate of €50. 

Regetfully, most express services have changed their terms of business recently. We cannot order the collection and transport on behalf of a customer any longer, even if we have the customer's account number. Customers need to order it from their side and then email us the documents (waybill, label, etc.) the express services issue online. We'll provide all required information once a shipment is ready for collection. 




Do you deliver tax-free to businesses outside Germany?

For tax-free delivery within the EU, please provide the VAT-ID of your company in your customer account and make sure all address data registered with this VAT ID are up-to-date. The invoice address must be identical with the address that is registered with the VAT-ID in VIES.

Tax-free delivery outside the EU is only possible for customers with a registered business.