Pre-cut Acoustic Speaker Cloth, Various Colours, 50 x 30 cm

Pre-cut Acoustic Speaker Cloth, Various Colours, 50 x 30 cm
Shipping time: 2-5 days
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Product description

42 Different Colours to Choose From!
Size: 50 x 30 cm (11.8 x 19.7”)
Weight: 200 gr/m2 (0.66 oz./ft²)

Thickness: ~ 1 mm
Material: Polyester

Our specially designed speaker cloth is the ideal fabric for use on Hi-Fi speakers, multimedia furniture, door panels, door pods, speaker grille frames, sound absorbers, diffusors, acoustic panels, bass traps, and vocal booths. It has also proven extremely beneficial in numerous other applications, e.g. in acoustic construction, furniture making, fair construction, architecture, and room design.

The hard-wearing, acoustically transparent fabric can be stretched around hard edges without laddering. At the same time, the open weave speaker cloth ensures a very high degree of acoustic transparency, this way preventing the unwelcome loss of high and mid frequencies. This makes our acoustic cloth ideally suited for all applications that demand acoustically transparent effects.  

This acoustic cloth has earned a well-deserved reputation with a large number of customers, among them speaker manufacturers, home theatre manufacturers and suppliers, recording studios, stage builders, carpenters and cabinetmakers, booth builders, shopfitters, interior designers, and coach trimmers.

Our pre-cut pieces of acoustic cloth are available in 42 highly attractive colours: 
Anthracite Grey 
Blood Orange 
Candy Apple Red 
Dark Blue 
Dark Green 
Dark Grey 
French Blue 
Green Tea 
Light Grey 
Light Ochre 
Lime Green 
Medium Grey 
Navy Blue 
Off White 
Off Yellow 
Pale Brown 
Pastel Blue 
Soft Grey 
Tea Rose 
Vanilla Fudge 

Please note that the colour of the framework will impact the colour appearance of the mounted cloth, as our acoustical transparent fabrics are porous.

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