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Metallic Line Acoustic Speaker Cloth off the Roll • Widh: 80 cm (31.5”)
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24,00 EUR per linear metre
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Manufacturer: akustikstoff.com
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Product description

Width: 80 cm ( 31.5”)

Our innovative Metallic Line Acustic Cloth is truly unique. It features outstanding acoustic transparency plus an exclusive metal look. We use special yarn and dyeing to obtain this exclusive lustre effect with incident light – of course without compromising the excellent acoustic properties our speaker cloth is renowned for.

Metallic Line acoustic fabric is ideally suited for all applications that require an acoustically transparent fabric with a metal look. It is the perfect match for high-end HiFi speakers and nicely complements multimedia furniture as well as professional audio devices, such as absorbers, diffusors, and vocal booths. Ensuring an unimpaired transmission of highs and mids, Metallic Line acoustic speaker cloth with its luxurious lustre effect is also an excellent choice for stage building, fair construction, recording studio outfitting, shopfitting, interior design, and architecture. The fabric is permeable to infrared light, so remote receivers can be placed behind the acoustic cloth.

Product Features

Property:IR transparent, sound transparent
Material:100 % Polyester
BE100 % Polyester
BG100 % Полиестерна
CZ100 % Polyesterová
DK100 % Polyester
ES100 % Poliéster
EE100 % Polüester
FI100 % Polyesteri
HR100 % Poliester
HU100 % Poliészter
IE100 % Poileistear
IT100 % Poliestere
LU100 % Polyester
LT100 % Poliesterio
LV100 % Poliestera
NL100 % Polyester
RO100 % Poliester
SE100 % Polyester
SI100 % Poliester
Article group:Acoustic Cloth »Metallic Line«Directly to the selection
Weight/m2:~ 180 gr
Thickness:approx. 0.9 mm
Washable:up to 40 °C
Ironable:On low setting
Fixing recommendation:Spray adhesiveMore about the spray adhesive, Hook fastener tapeMore about the hook fastener tape, Hot melt glue, StaplerMore about the stapler

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