Laser cuts made precisely to your specifications

Speaker cloth laser cuts from The optimal choice for any series production project that requires sound-transparent fabric.

Lasercut acoustic fabric is manufactured to an accuracy of tenths of a millimetre. It is used in many loudspeaker enclosures of outstanding quality and aesthetics as well as in industry applications such as automotive, consumer electronics, serial production of furniture, in technical products, and even in gaming machines.

While punching elastic materials such as speaker cloth is subject to considerable tolerances and often lacks the required degree of manufacturing precision, a CAD-controlled laser makes possible a cutting accuracy of 0.1 mm. This extremely low manufacturing tolerance ensures absolutely precise cuts that provide for fast and efficient further processing.

Another considerable advantage of laser cutting is the opportunity to produce any conceivable two-dimensional shape without the need for special tools. MOQs are correspondingly low, which makes lasercut acoustic fabric particularly attractive when it comes to small-scale production.

Production of the cuts only requires a DXF, AI, SVG file that contains all desired cut edges or a true-to-scale vectorised PDF.

Unit price, lead time, and MOQ will be calculated individually on the basis of required material, workload, and set-up time. Please note that, as with all custom-made products, any exchange or cancellation of an order is only possible in case of material or manufacturing defects.

We will be happy to prepare an individual offer for your project. Please contact us directly, for example using our contact form.

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