Acoustic Cloth FR, nonflammable. Various Colours. Metre ware, width 160 cm

Acoustic Cloth FR, nonflammable. Various Colours. Metre ware, width 160 cm
Shipping time: 2-5 days
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Product description

Certified nonflammable (M1) according to the French standard NF P 92-503-5079
Exceeds the requirements of EN 13773-1

42 different colors
Metre ware off the roll
Material: Polyester (PES)
Weight: ~ 215 gsm
Thickness: ~ 0.9 mm
Certificate: CM-18-P-044 of 4 June 2018, Institut Technologique FCBA, Champs-sur-Marne, France

Acoustic Cloth FR combines excellent acoustic properties with excellent preventive fire protection: This speaker cloth has been certified nonflammable according to the standard NFP 92503 (M1by the French test institute FCBA ). It exceeds the requirements of the provisions for the use of textiles in public buildings, which stipulate that speaker fabrics must be flame retardant.

The fabric is durable and can also be pulled around "hard" edges without laddering. It is outstandingly sound transparent and reliably prevents unwanted losses of midrange and high frequencies, the sound can pass virtually unimpaired. In addition, the material is permeable to infrared signals.

Acoustic Cloth FR is ideal for use in public spaces, e.g. for loudspeakers, sound absorbers, and speaker panels in public buildings as well as for interior design tasks, such as in shop building and exhibition stand building.

Please note that the colour of the frames and the background may have an impact on the colour of the mounted cloth, as our sound-transparent fabrics are porous and not completely opaque.

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