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A Great Range of Acoustic Speaker Cloth by the Linear Metre

Our specially designed acoustic fabrics off the roll are the ideal choice for numerous professional applications that require superior acoustic transparency with next to no interference on the highs and mids plus optimal IR-permeability.


The speaker fabrics are readily available by the full linear metre right off the roll. Simply choose the type of fabric, colour, and width you desire. That's all you need to do to benefit from the excellent acoustic properties of our acoustic cloth.

Don't miss to check out our fantastic price breaks and save a pile of cash when ordering your speaker fabric! Discounts start from as little as three metres.

Please note that the colours displayed on your screen may differ from the actual colours, as we cannot influence the settings of your screen. To be on the safe side, best order sample swatches before ordering a larger amount of Acoustic Cloth.

Difficulties in ordering exactly the amount you require? Follow these simple steps.
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Show 1 to 1 (of in total 1 products)

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