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Speaker Cloth Explained

The term acoustic cloth may refer to two totally different types of fabric. Both are used in professional audio, both have special properties, but they are as different as can be:

A. Sound-absorbing Acoustic Fabrics
Such acoustic fabrics were developed to dampen rooms, to eliminate resonances and reflections, and to filter excess or undesired frequencies from the natural sound spectrum of a room. These fabrics, often foam materials, coarse fibres, and cloth such as felt, are often used in recording studios, event locations, seminar rooms, offices, hotel rooms and increasingly in private homes. They are the main component in acoustic panels, acoustic baffles, absorbers, vocal booth elements, etc.

B. Acoustically Transparent, Ideally Neutral Acoustic Cloth
Acoustic speaker cloth, as it can be obtained at, is a sound-transparent fabric specially designed and engineered for the utmost sound permeability. It allows sound to pass through with minimum interference and without any surface reflections. Such acoustic speaker cloth is used for speaker grille covers in HiFi, professional audio, and car audio, for amplifiers, for wall covering in stage building, exhibition stand building and interior design, and for wrapping acoustical panels, diffusors, and absorbers.  

Thanks to its special design and specially engineered yarns, acoustic cloth from boasts a nice mesh size and an acoustic transparency of almost 100 percent. The sound can pass through the fabric without the loss in the highs and mids that is typical of lower quality acoustic fabric. That's why supplies several manufacturers of high-end speaker cabinets and electrostatic speakers.

Acoustic Cloth in HiFi and Multimedia Furniture Making
Makers of HiFi and multimedia furniture rely on acoustic cloth from due to the superior visual qualities of the fabric as well as its high permeability to infrared light. IR remote control receivers can be placed behind the cloth without compromising the functionality of the rc.

Special Applications in Car Audio
In car audio, speaker cloth is also used for parcel shelves, door boards, and door pods. "Real" acoustic cloth consists of 100% polyester and can also be used to produce complex plastic structures in the boots of show cars. For such purposes, a wooden frame is covered with acoustic cloth with then is treated with polyester resin and covered with GRP mats. 

Where to Obtain Acoustic Cloth
The online shop features a great variety of acoustic speaker cloth in various types. It is available in 42 great colours plus nine great metallic hues.