Self-adhesive Hook Fastener to fix speaker cloth

Self-adhesive Hook Fastener
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Self-adhesive Hook Fastener
2,49 EUR
2,49 EUR per linear metre
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Colour hook fastener
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Product description

Available colours: Black and White

Our pressure-sensitive hook fastener makes it easy to attach acoustic cloth to speaker grilles and similar frames of any size. Stiff specially-shaped hooks on the upper side of the tape mesh tightly with the acoustic fabric and provide secure fixation. The speaker cloth remains removable, so the position of the fabric can be corrected and the cloth can be washed or exchanged if desired.

The hook fastener tape will work on any solid surface. Simply attach the self-adhesive tape to the back of the object you want to cover. Then stretch the acoustic tape on the front, fold it around all edges and press it on the hook fastener.

Fitting instructions:
The hook fastener tape should be used at room temperature.
The surface must be solid, dry, clean, and free of dust and loose parts.
The maximum adhesive strength is reached after approximately 72 hours.

Product Features

Material:100 % Polyamide
BE100 % Polyamide
BG100 % Полиамидна
CZ100 % Polyamidová
DK100 % Polyamid
ES100 % Poliamida
EE100 % Polüamiid
FI100 % Polyamidi
HR100 % Poliamidna
HU100 % Poliamid
IE100 % Polaimíd
IT100 % Poliammidico
LU100 % Polyamid
LT100 % Poliamido
LV100 % Poliamīda
NL100 % Polyamide
RO100 % Poliamidă
SE100 % Polyamid
SI100 % Poliamidna
Thickness:approx. 2 mm
Width:16 mm

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